Spice of the Week: Cinnamon



Centuries ago, cinnamon was more coveted than gold.  While I’m sure in this day and age you’d rather have 24 karats than 24 ounces, I’m not surprised by cinnamon’s high value.  The ancient Chinese valued cinnamon for its speculated power used to assuage indigestion, colds, cramps, and improve energy.  The legends don’t lie!  This superspice contains iron, calcium, manganese, fiber, and powerful antioxidants that work overtime to rid the body of harmful free radicals.

Recent studies demonstrate that individuals who consume 2 grams of cinnamon each day have higher-functioning blood sugar regulation systems.  Cinnamon consumers experience easier weight loss because of its help with blood sugar regulation.  The cinnamon decreases the levels of the HbA1c blood pressure test significantly.  Another study shows that cinnamon increased sensitivity to insulin and improved hyperglycemia in rodents.

Even better, cinnamon has been found to reduce sugar cravings.  When added to tea or coffee, cinnamon can satisfy the urge to use additional sweeteners like sugar.  I personally jump at any opportunity to cut sugar from my life and therefore use cinnamon in my morning tea on the regular.

Cinnamon’s many health benefits cover an expansive variety of bodily issues.  It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that fight nasty infections and bacteria.

Cinnamon helps your brain too, as it is known to be a natural remedy for headaches and migraines. Additionally, just the smell of cinnamon can boost cognitive function and jog your memory.

It’s important to remember that consuming cinnamon in high doses can be toxic.  Sprinkle a dash or a pinch when you can and your body will thank you!  Click here for ideas.

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